Spring Came Slowly

Quarantea 5 (April 9, 2020)

Nishiki-datte sou, a chabako temae, or presentation, that uses a set of four panels tied together. The futa or box lid is used a a rest for the tea implements.

  • Tea – Matcha Harmony (organic matcha)
  • Sweet – candied ume
  • Chawan – my pine and gold tiny Kyoto bowl
  • Chabako – persimmon-colored with black lacquer
  • Natsume – deep chocolate brown lacquerware
  • Zutsu – robin’s egg blue matching furadashi and chakin zutsu
  • Chasen zutsu – wooden
  • Tetsubin – heavy hive pot
  • Kensui – locally made by Northport Pottery

Enjoying the moss covered stone just a bit more before returning it to its creekside home, I added the only flowers blooming on our property on this chilly morning. I do not know what these are called. The were hitchhikers in the soil when we transplanted daisies from Dan and Amanda’s farm several seasons ago. How lucky for me (and tea!).

With gratitude,