Quarantea 6 (April 10, 2020)

Kakoi-datte sou, is a chabako temae that means barrier. During the ceremony, the chabako is set on its side and the zutsu, tea and whisk are set inside, protected from wind. Today, although I practiced tea inside, the world outside was cold and windy – appropriate weather for a barrier presentation.

  • Tea – Matcha Harmony
  • Sweet – candied ume
  • Chawan – my pine and gold tiny Kyoto bowl
  • Natsume – deep chocolate brown lacquerware
  • Chabako – persimmon-colored with black lacquer
  • Zutsu – robin’s egg blue matching furadashi and chakin zutsu
  • Chasen zutsu – wooden
  • Tetsubin – heavy hive pot
  • Kensui – locally made by Northport Pottery

Tea flowers…periwinkle-colored flowers bravely emerging in the April chill, placed in a small hand-made vase, set atop smooth basalt rocks. Thank you, Jennifer, for this tiny vase, so perfect for these tiny flowers.

With gratitude,