Monthly Archives: April 2020


Quarantea 3 As I set up for tea this morning, near but not in the snug, this piece of original art on our wall, a watercolor of river irises by Doug Racich, proudly bears the quality of a scroll in a tokonoma. Tea flowers are getting easier! On a trip to Seattle for a tea […]

Practice Does Not Make Perfect

Quarantea 2 Tea in the snug, again. Today I used the old wooden tool box (my granfather’s) as a tokonoma of sorts; convenient for placing five smooth basalt stones from the UP near the magnolia cuttings which are budding out quickly, and room for incense, too. Tea – Matcha Harmony Sweet – toasted rice(?) tea […]

Tea in the Snug

Quarantea 1: Tea in the snug. (aka 9 of 52) Ok, I have done tea ceremony in this space before. So, not new. I have been thinking about how to continue with my new year resolution of a tea ceremony a week in a new place, with new people. Integrity is important to me. Even […]