Michelle, wearing glasses, smiling.

Michelle Racich 

(She/her) is a board certified Asian Bodywork Therapist (NCCAOM); and certified practitioner member of the AOBTA® with over 40 years experience training and teaching Ki (Qi) cultivation through qigong, martial arts, meditation, zazen and tea practices.

Michelle maintains Heart of Zen, a private Zen shiatsu clinical practice in Suttons Bay, MI.

Michelle continues to study and practice the way of tea in the tradition of Yamada Kazuharu Sensei, founder and head of the Shidou Ryu tea school in Japan, which espouses the philosophy that “tea is for everyone.”

Michelle has been featured on the Anxiety Slayer podcast: The Way of Tea for Your Health and in an interview with MysticMag.



The National Certification Commission for Acupuncture and Oriental Medicine (www.nccaom.org) offers exam-based certification for Asian bodywork therapists (Dipl. ABT). The American Organization for Bodywork Therapies of Asia® (www.aobta.org) recognizes certified practitioners of Asian bodywork therapy (AOBTA®-CP) based on educational standards.