More Barn Tea

Sat Nov 7, 2020 2:00p

This warm weather weekend is such a gift, all I want to do is tea! So, more tea in our sweet old barn!

This afternoon’s guests were a multi-generation family of three artists with deep awareness of tea aesthetic. When serving tea by myself for more than two guests I have a wee bit of anxiety. Without an assistant, ohanto, I must prepare AND serve tea myself. While this might not seem to be that big of a deal, when the only thing you are doing is preparing tea, every detail counts. This little bit of extra time required to whisk multiple bowls means that the water in the tetsubin is cooling. I worry that this slight temperature drop will make for a less than perfect third bowl of tea. The first bowl is always steaming with heat and matcha aroma. The second bowl is still very hot, and generally easier to drink, as it has cooled slightly. But the third bowl can be just enough too cool to meet my expectations for a perfect bowl of matcha. It is a balance of meeting the guests’ needs and preparing the best possible tea experience.

I am reminded of the bond that a shared experience can create. I am grateful to offer tea to people who are already connected to one another, and want to enrich their relationship with a shared experience.

Ichi go ichi e…this day only once.

With gratitude,