2020 Closure

On a cold Monday, November 16, I practiced tea for the last time outdoors, in 2020.

It is one of my greatest joys, to spend time with my daughter. I love that Moira was the person I shared my first outdoor winter tea in 2020 with (NP Gazebo), and she is the person I shared the last outdoor winter tea of 2020 with. We enjoyed sweet potato yokan and matcha gifted by Roo, in full on winter gear. Moira – my weather-ready guest!

I know I can do ceremony outside, in the cold, but I am not sure how inclined I am to continue in the freezing weather. So I will continue my practice indoors for a while.

On December 2, I practiced two obon temae on my own. And today I practiced the final three ceremonies to meet the goal I had set for myself a year ago.

While it wasn’t the year of tea that I had originally dreamed up, tea has been a lovely anchor in 2020. And while not an even flow of one ceremony per week, 52 was met.

With gratitude,